Current Studies

We conduct studies to better understand mechanisms involved in the grief process, and how to best support people after the death of a loved one.
Understanding Grief in Bereaved Parents and Widow(er)s
We hope to identify factors influencing how people experience grief. 
We are recruiting adults of all ages, who have experienced the death of their child, or the death of their spouse or romantic partner. You would be asked to participate in an interview about your personal experiences, and to complete some questionnaires.
A Mind-Body Intervention for Grief
We are interested in how mindfulness and relaxation training may help adults cope with their grief after the death of a loved one. 
We are recruiting adults up to 85 years of age, who have experienced the death of a spouse or romantic partner within the past 4 years. In this study, you would participate in a 6-week "mind-body training program," designed to give you additional tools for coping with grief. The program involves attending one 2-hour session per week, as well as completing some questionnaires. You would also make two visits to our lab at the University of Arizona, where we would measure your heart rate and blood pressure, and you would complete an activity on the computer. Parking expenses are covered and you would be paid $10 for each of these lab visits, for a total of $20.
If you would like more information about our studies, please contact the GLASS Lab at (520) 626-5383, or toll-free: 1-877-518-4630. You may also email