Lab Members & Alumni

Group photo of GLASS Lab members

From left to right: Austin Grinberg, Brian Arizmendi, Saren Seeley, Mary-Frances O'Connor, Eva-Maria Stelzer, Deanna Kaplan, Roman Palitsky, Lindsey Knowles, Mairead McConnell. (Not pictured: Da'Mere Wilson, Jiah Yoo, Sydney Friedman, Colin Tidwell)


Current Postdoctoral Fellow


Jiah Yoo Postdoctoral Fellow Jiah Yoo received her Ph.D in psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research focuses on how cultural norms and ideas shape people's beliefs about emotions, which can affect emotion experiences and health outcomes. She has published several papers on cultural differences in the link between emotions and biomarkers as well as cultural meanings of well-being and socio-economic status. In GLASS lab, she is spearheading a project investigating the role of culture and emotion beliefs in caregivers.  


Current Graduate Students

Mairead holds a BA in Psychology from Fairfield University and worked in the Kable Lab for Neuroeconomics at the University of Pennsylvania before coming to UA. Her Masters Thesis focused on the neurobiology of grief, using fMRI to explore the reward pathways associated with wanting and yearning. 

Mairead’s current research interests are at the intersection of psycho-oncology and palliative care. Her dissertation involves development of a new measure of a construct called “double awareness” in patients with advanced cancer. This measure aims to assess the patient’s ability to engage meaningfully in their lives while also acknowledging and practically preparing for their death. 

Mairead’s clinical interests and experiences are in behavioral medicine, grief & loss, psycho-oncology, and palliative care.

Mairead is currently completing her internship year at the Yale Department of Psychiatry.


Saren Seeley is a doctoral candidate in the Clinical Psychology PhD program at the University of Arizona. She received an NIH NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship from the National Institute on Aging. She uses fMRI to study how the death of a close loved one impacts the brain and how adaptation to the loss is reflected in brain network functioning, in order to better understand complicated grief. Saren earned her BA in Psychology at CUNY Hunter College. Prior to pursuing her doctorate, Saren worked as a research assistant/fMRI coordinator in Douglas Mennin's Regulation of Emotion in Anxiety and Depression lab.

Saren is currently completing her internship year at the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System.


Eva-Maria Stelzer Eva-Maria Stelzer is a doctoral student in social psychology in the Department of Psychology, currently working with Andreas Maercker at the University of Zurich. Prior to pursuing her doctorate at the University of Arizona, Eva worked at the Department of Palliative Medicine & Comprehensive Cancer Center Erlangen, Germany. Eva earned her Bachlor of Science and Master of Science in Psychology from the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen, Germany. Eva studies the effects of major life stressors, such as the loss of a loved one, on mental and physical health. Her second area of research focuses on hospice volunteerism.


Da’Mere Wilson is a Clinical Psychology doctoral student in the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona. Prior to pursuing her doctorate, Da’Mere earned her B.A in Psychology from St. John’s University, where she worked as a research fellow in Dr. Elizabeth Brondolo’s Collaborative Health Integration Research Program (CHIRP) studying discrimination and health disparities. She previously joined the GLASS Lab as a McNair Scholar, after being selected for the University of Arizona's UROC Summer Research Institute in 2017. Currently, Da’Mere is interested in the interactions between social stress, grief, and health outcomes. Specifically, how experiences of discrimination, grief, and other stressors impact the development of cardiovascular disease within the African American and Latinx community. 


Sydney Friedman is a Clinical Psychology doctoral student in the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a Minor in Mathematics from the University of Arizona. Before pursuing her Ph.D., she worked as a post-baccalaureate research assistant in the GLASS Lab and Dr. Andrews-Hanna's Neuroscience of Emotion and Thought lab. Sydney’s interests are in affective science and psychophysiology among bereaved individuals. 


Colin Tidwell is a Clinical Psychology doctoral student in the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona. Before pursuing his Ph.D., Colin worked across four labs at the University of Arizona and Yale University where he developed his interests in LGBTQ+ psychology, resilience, and suicidality. Colin's research seeks to investigate how the psychological adjustment of sexual and gender minority populations is impacted by the unique stressors they experience in their everyday lives. He earned his B.A. in Psychology from the University of Arizona in 2020 and is co-advised by Dr. Matthias Mehl and Dr. Mary Frances O'Connor. 


Lab Alumni - Graduate Students

Austin Grinberg, PhD, graduated 2017 (Clinical Psychologist at the Los Angeles VA)

Brian Arizmendi, PhD, graduated 2018 (Clinical Health Psychologist at the Phoenix VA)

Lindsey Knowles, PhD, graduated 2019 (Senior Research Fellow at the University of Washington and VA Puget Sound)

Deanna Kaplan, PhD, graduated 2020 (Postdoctoral Fellow at Brown University)

Roman Palitsky, MDiv, PhD, graduated 2020 (Postdoctoral Fellow at Brown University)


Lab Alumni - Undergraduate Students

Eli Ramirez
Ken Bottrill
Emily Long
Madison Koza
Michael Beiley
Candace Mayer
Jack Deeming 
Krystal Jovel 
Victoria Wacik
Meleesa Nocera 
Laila Alshami 
Megan Winfrey 
Alaina Martinez 
Andre Sisk 
Chris Williams 
Christian Schultze-Florey 
Emily Noethen
Jesus Serrano-Careaga
Monica Fallon
Rebecca Birch
Savannah Chavez 
Sebastian Karl


GLASS Lab members at the 2019 American Psychosomatic Society meeting.


Saren Seeley presents on resting state functional connectivity in complicated grief at the 2019 Society for Psychophysiological Research meeting.


The GLASS Lab goes rock climbing! From left to right: Roman Palitsky, Lindsey Knowles, Saren Seeley, Krystal Jovel, Mary-Frances O'Connor, Brian Arizmendi, Mairead McConnell, Eva-Maria Stelzer, Austin Grinberg.


Da'Mere Wilson presents on methods for recruiting bereaved individuals at the 2017 UROC Summer Research Institute poster forum. 

From left to right, standing: Monica Fallon, Christian Schultze-Florey, Brian Arizmendi, Austin Grinberg, Jesus Serrano-Careaga.  Seated: Mary-Frances O'Connor, Emily Noethen. 



Jesus Serrano Careaga at the UA Undergraduate Biology Research Program annual conference, 2014

Savannah Chavez at the UA Undergraduate Biology Research Program annual conference, 2013

Brian Arizmendi at the Association for Psychological Science annual conference, 2013