Yearning in Situations of Loss (YSL) Scale

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YSL: Bereavement version 25.76 KB 25.76 KB
YSL: Romantic break-up version 310.44 KB 310.44 KB
YSL: Homesickness version 309.65 KB 309.65 KB
YSL-SF (English) 23.98 KB 23.98 KB
YSL-SF (German) 24.97 KB 24.97 KB
YSL-SF (Dutch) 17.27 KB 17.27 KB

Each version of the YSL (bereavement, romantic break-up, homesickness) and YSL-Short Form (YSL-SF) is available via the linked attachments above.


  • O'Connor, M.-F. & Sussman, T. (2014). Developing the Yearning in Situations of Loss scale: Convergent and discriminant validity for bereavement, romantic breakup and homesickness. Death Studies, 38, 450-458.
  • Eisma, M. C., Stelzer, E-M., Lenferink, L. I. M., Knowles, L. M., Gastmeier, S. K., Angelopoulou, M., Doering, B. K. & O'Connor, M-F. (2020). Wish you were here: The Dutch, German, and English Yearning in Situations of Loss Short Form. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1–20. 


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